by mauxuam



The first collection of a series of world views that give very diverse descriptions and explanations of our reality system, from the banned TED talk "Science Delusion" by Rupert Sheldrake to the visionary poetry of Cecil Taylor. Long uncut spoken words accompanied by raw experimental tracks manufactured in one day (24 hours) during the full moon and mixed live in one single take without timeline or edits. These are the version 1.0 of the tracks and who buy them will get further updates for free (if there will be any).


released January 1, 2016

music by mauxuam aka Maurizio Liguori.
voice on track 1 by Cecil Taylor.
voice on track 2 by Rupert Sheldrake.
voice on track 3 by William GIbson.
mastered by maux @ sandokan bay berlin/eu in 2k15
cover photo by Kim - artwork by mauxuam

Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA
you are welcome to copy, remix and distribute this music under the same license. you shouldnt sell it or capitalize profit on it.
disposable.audio - disp009




mauxuam Berlin, Germany

a skint art.isan and all around creative bastard dedicated to acoustics

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